About Us

A passionate man to the core, Hal discovered his own love of rocks and gemstones early on, though it took some time to realize the true depth of his love for mother nature, buried deep within.  

Born in western Pennsylvania, he grew up on back country roads, fishing the cascading waters of the nearby streams and enjoying the rich, dense forests that surrounded him for miles on end. Growing up, he knew he was destined to experience more than just the small town living that Indiana, Pennsylvania had to offer and so he left his saint of a mother, father and his eight brothers and sisters and made his way to Boulder, Colorado. It was there that he quickly fell deeply in love with the enormity of the Rocky Mountains and the power of nature that humbled him.  

Hal went on to raise four headstrong, opinionated, Asian/Irish daughters who consumed his time, heart and miles of hiking trails. Being a father is a true passion and a top priority for Hal.

 Always a master craftsman with his hands, Hal quickly became known for his vision, precision and eye for detail and beauty, no matter where he made his home. He spent the majority of his life as a private contractor, designing, remodeling and constructing his visions. And though he was known for his seemingly effortless craftsmanship, the excitement and allure of his talents had lessened over time. Sure, he could remodel a home with his eyes closed, but the eagerness and overall thrill had dimmed.  

Fast forward to his almost-empty-nesting-years, Hal unexpectedly came into possession of hundreds of untouched Turquoise stones. Desperate for some newfound excitement, he decided to revive his craftsmanship in the form of jewelry making. He quickly realized how deeply rooted he was to the seemingly simple stones that this beautiful, natural world we call home offered him. Being very resourceful he had set up a full lapidary/ jewelry shop in less than one year's time. 

With his daughters edging him forward, he opened up his own Etsy shop, unaware of what may come with his newfound passion. With his plethora of gemstones under light, a Pandora playlist drowning out the monotony of the day-to-day grind, Hal had developed a newfound passion that quickly ignited the flame within. 

Fast forward a few more years, Hal has earned back-to-back raving reviews for a multitude of things; high-end customer service, excellent communication, attention to detail, true high quality gemstones, fulfilling numerous differing custom requests, but most importantly, establishing a genuine love of human interaction, satisfaction and a connection that digs deep into the world that gives us refuge.  As his daughters commonly chide him in saying, but wholeheartedly mean, “This dad rocks.”